MAKE SPACE FOR LACE   It’s everywhere, from back pockets of denim pants  to the trim of T-shirts, bags and shoes. Pretty much everyone is wearing lace these days. Even the blue and black/ white and gold  dress that divided the world for hours had a bit of lace.   But why has lace become a hot trend today even though its been around for centuries? It’s true that history repeats itself but I also think that it is because lace is unique in it’s way of appearing fragile and delicate and at the same time revealing and hiding parts of our body; almost like teasing our eyes and minds  and pushing us to want to discover what lies beneath it. These contrasting aspects of lace is why it’s unique among other types of fabric and makes it interesting and hot. The thing about lace is that it suits all body types, age and even fashion style.So whether you are a girly girl or a rock and roll type of person, there is always a place for lace in your wardrobe. You’ve just got to have lace in your closet this spring.   Depending on the color and how it  is worn, lace can be ornate innocent or sexy. The lighter the color the more innocent you appear; but if you want that mysterious bad girl kind of look, then definitely go for darker shades.   If you are having doubts about how warm lace can keep you, don’t worry because even though lace might be too light, giving that it’s trending, there’s a move towards laces made with thicker fabrics like wool and even perforated leather cutouts. You could always throw a cardigan or a blazer over the light ones too.   HERE ARE SOME IDEAS OF HOW YOU CAN WEAR YOUR LACE BASED ON YOUR STYLE   draya in white lace topHot PinkLovely lace






    BY: Melysa Tumblr: unicamente-melz
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