To Slay or Not to Slay ! Let the Dashiki be the Judge!!

To Slay or Not To Slay?! Let The Dashiki be the Judge!

Trends come and go, but The Dashiki remains and proves to be an unstoppable force against all Fashion rules and regulations! The Dashiki has been a prominent showcase of many of the rich African culture-specifically a beautiful delicacy of the West African culture. Be it on a sunny afternoon, or when the moon light appears, The Dashiki can be a great beyonce chrisasset to an appealing, yet sophisticated presentation. This UNISEX piece has caught the eye of trendsetters such as Beyonce and Chris Brown. Although they are not West African they appreciate the beauty of this fashion masterpiece. It is said that a person makes the outfit, and Dashikis add a twist to that, and compliment the You that you are with its intricate colors and flamboyant embroidery! You have the right to stand out! Do so with a Dashiki!dashiki purple   This Dashiki can be purchased HERE.     written by: Seraphina Cromwell @Seraphina_cromwell
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